From corporate celebrations, high school proms to family reunions. Let our studio capture those special moments, from awards being handed out, to the family getting together to show some family love. Whatever your event will be you can count on us to deliver your event photography needs                                                 
                                         Standard Event Service
 Online viewing/Print Ordering  for 3 month
 A two for one print offer for 30 days
  color correction and imaging enhancement 
All Images delivered on a CD
Unlimited Copyrights Release


                      Events  Services Start at   $125.00 hr   a minimum of 3 hours
                                                                     One photographer
                                   Two photographers   $200.00 hr
                                           Photo Station also available  
                         Custom Slideshow of the event with music $60.00
                                                           Additional cd's $15.00
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We love to hear your event plan's and design a event collection that will  fulfill All your event photography needs.